The 2019 Calendar has arrived!

Chatham Historical Society 2019 Calendar

The Chatham Historical Society 2019 Calendars are finally here and can be purchased now at the East Hampton Town Hall, Town Clerk’s Office, and the East Hampton Public Library

The Cost for the Calendar is $8.00

We also have our new limited edition cowbells.  They feature a picture of the Congregational Church on them.  They are $5.00 each and can also be purchased at the Town Hall and East Hampton Public Library.

Calendar Samples

Celebrating Local History is a way to immerse ourselves in a place we love and can help us feel rooted in it. By trying to understand the history of a local town and culture we learn why things are that way today. In doing so we can connect with past communities of people by learning about the lives of those who have gone before us.

Come Celebrate History With Us!

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Welcome to the Official East Hampton, CT Historical Society Website. This site intends to provide information to the public about the Chatham Historical Society’s upcoming Calendar Events and Programs with the purpose of bringing together people interested in the History of Cobalt, Middle Haddam, and East Hampton, Connecticut.

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