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The Chatham Historical Societies Mission is to preserve the history of East Hampton, Cobalt, and Middle Haddam, CT.

We invite all residents to share their history and stories with us.  We can come to a person’s residence or set up a meeting at our museum, East Hampton Library or Senior Center. If you’d like to be interviewed or know someone that is willing, please contact us!

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The Chatham Historical Society annually publishes a calendar offering a photographic journey through East Hampton.  It also offers an annual Antique Appraisal Day, a biennial Historic House Tour, an annual Town-wide Tag Sale, programs for local elementary school children, monthly speakers and hikes around town, and an annual Fall History Festival.
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The Chatham Historical Society Museum is jam packed with artifacts, antique toys, and memorabilia that tell the stories of East Hampton, Middle Haddam, and Cobalt history. Among the many items displayed are an extensive Bevin Bell collection dating back to the early 1800s; a shipbuilding portrayal dating back to the 1700s when shipyards dotted the banks of the Connecticut River in Middle Haddam, CT ; arrowheads found around Lake Pocotopaug; bell toys made by Gong Bell Company and N. N. Hill Brass Company; and cast iron antique toys made by Watrous Manufacturing. There is also a display of witch hazel from American Distilling and a case of items from East Hampton’s Native Son, Governor William O’Neill (1980-1991).
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