Antique Appraisal Day

Saturday, March 30 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Antique Appraisal Day 2019

The Chatham Historical Society will host its 24th annual Antique Appraisal Day  at the East Hampton Library Community Room, 105 Main Street.

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Four Expert Appraisers

There will be four expert appraisers on site.  Verbal appraisals will be given on furniture, artwork, glassware, china, musical instruments, military pieces, dolls, jewelry, quilts as well as European, Asian and Island items, and more. A suggested donation of $6 per item for this event.  This is a major fundraiser for the continual upkeep of the Chatham Historical Society’s two Museum buildings and 1840 one room schoolhouse on located at 6 Bevin Boulevard in East Hampton, CT.

Light refreshments of coffee, tea, cookies, fruit and assorted desserts can also be purchased.  For more information, call 860 267-8953.

Chatham Historical Society CT

What are your Collectibles Worth?  

Truthfully, there’s not an easy answer to figuring out how much your antiques and collectibles are worth. Valuing an antique often takes research and patience, and you still can’t count on selling an item for the determined value when all is said and done. The true value of an antique is negotiated between a buyer and seller at any given time. Imagine selling an old record at a yard sale in town for $10, then learning the buyer later sold it at auction for $1,000. You’d want to kick yourself.

In a recent TV Interview an appraiser on the PBS program “Antiques Roadshow,” says things like that happen often enough. “You frequently get people bringing in something that they bought for $5 that’s worth $3,000 to $4,000,”.  Whether you want to know an item’s value for a sale, insurance coverage, estate valuation, a charitable donation, or just to satisfy your curiosity, it’s often worth spending some time and money to find out.

Connecticut Antique Show

 Verbal Evaluations

The Chatham Historical Society only provides verbal evaluations in person at this event. If you are looking for an appraiser in your area, we have some suggestions to help you on your search.  Look through your local yellow pages under “antiques,” “auctions” or “appraisers.”  Inquire with other local antique collectors,  or art museums to see if they have any suggestions or recommendations. 

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 Buying And Selling Things

The goal of the Antique Appraisal Day is not to Buy and Sell Objects. The Historical Society, or the East Hampton Public Library cannot give specific advice on the buying and selling of objects. The best general advice we can give is to explore all your options. Dealers, auctioneers, online and even yard sales are all potential ways of selling or acquiring objects. All methods involve costs to sell; some involve costs to buy. Investigate costs, the type of objects being bought and sold and through research, make the choice that best suits your situation.

Databases and Online Auctions

Kovels offers a free subscription to its antiques price guide and two premium services, at $39 and $60 a year. Craigslist is useful for seeing what others are willing to pay for similar items. Prices on eBay give you a more global view, but the downside is that if you plan to sell there, you’ll probably get only the wholesale price.

East Hampton Public Library

The East Hampton Public Library Library is a department of East Hampton Town government. Thier mission is to promote equal access to information and ideas, love of reading, and a wide range of community-based educational and cultural programs.

Contact Information 

Ellen Paul, Library Director

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Michele Kaminski, Children’s Librarian

The East Hampton Public Library is located at

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