Cobalt Railroad Station 

Cobalt Railroad Station

Photo Caption-  An early 1900s photo of the Cobalt Railroad Station built in 1873 with depot (right) and freight house (left) on the Air Line Railroad. It was a busy place during the late 1800s and early 1900s. There were also passenger trains that stopped at the station. The famous White or Ghost Train, established in 1911, made the 224-mile run between New York and Boston in six hours.

In 1908 East Hampton voted to provide transportation by rail for Middle Haddam students attending school in East Hampton. The train also carried East Hampton high school students to Middletown where they attended high school until they built their own high school. Passenger service was discontinued in 1927 and the school train service in 1931. The tracks between Cobalt and Colchester were removed in 1966.

More East Hampton Landmark

Here are a few more Historic Landmark in East Hampton Worth Exploring 

The Comstock Covered Bridge

Comstock Bridge

The Comstock Covered Bridge is located on 14 Bridge Street at the junction of Colchester and East Hampton crossing the Salmon River.

East Hampton, CT Lake Pocotopaug

Lake Pocotopaug

Lake Pocotopaug is a big part of East Hampton’s History and in recent times has become a popular resort area surrounded by numerous homes

Air line Trail

Air Line Trail

The Old Air Line Trail in East Hampton dates from the 1870s, and today draws walkers, horseback riders and bikers for the views, and relaxation.

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