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East Hampton Events Magazine  • Quarter 4 • 2017

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East Hampton Events Magazine  • Quarter 4 • 2016.

A Message From Michael Maniscalco 

Town Manager

Dear Residents,

What a busy summer it has been. Old Home Days was a huge success as always with record attendance. Staff have worked hard to keep the streets and Sears Park maintained. Our police, fire, and ambulance services have been hard at work keeping us safe. Lastly, our regulatory departments have been hard at working managing the multiple residential and commercial developments around Town.

East Hampton is open for business and it is noticeable when you look at the number of permits that are being pulled weekly. In an effort to further promote our Village Center, the Town Council recently passed a Tax Increment Financing District in order to raise revenue and reinvest in our Village Center. Over the coming weeks, I would expect that a proposed revision to the Business Incentive Ordinance will be brought forward for consideration in order to make it more enticing to new businesses to come and set up shop in East Hampton. Moreover, we have been hard at work trying to solve the issues of quantity and quality of water in East Hampton. This issue alone is holding our community back from realizing its full potential and stopping many businesses from considering East Hampton.

Finally, we should see the ground breaking of our new Town Hall, Police Department, and The Board of
Education building in a little over a month. The Building Committee and Town Staff have been hard at work refining plans and bid packages, identifying finishes and reviewing costs. Very soon the lot will be cleared, concrete poured and steel will start to rise in what will become the seat of our government and the peoples house.

If you have a question, stop by, write, email or call. Town staff are always ready to answer your questions, discuss your recommendations, and solve your problems. (excerpt from The East Hampton, Events Magazine)

Volunteer Fire Department Congratulates New EMR’s

 The members of East Hampton Volunteer Fire Department congratulate three of their fellow firefighters upon achieving certification as Emergency Medical Responders. Lt. Adam Royce, and Junior Division members Tim Kelly and Cody Voelker recently completed their demanding training and testing regimen, bringing the total number of certified medically trained personnel (EMT’s and EMR’s) in the department to 24. With 49 active members, almost 50% of East Hampton’s Volunteer Fire Service are now certified EMS practitioners. As field practitioners, Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics provide pre-hospital medical care to injured or ill patients in a stepped process of increasing skill and responsibility levels, depending upon the nature of the illness or severity of the injury. The certification program for Emergency Medical Responders is a rigorous 60-hour requirement that combines classroom instruction with hands-on practical skill development. The members of the East Hampton Volunteer Fire Department welcome Adam, Tim and Cody as the department’s newest EMR’s and wish them every success. 

Town Directory

Animal Control (24 hour dispatch)   860-873-5044

Assessor      860-267-2510

Board of Education    860-365-4000

Building/Planning/Zoning   860-267-9601

Chatham Health District   860-365-0884

Collector of Revenue    860-267-2300

Emergency Management   860-267-0088

Finance Department   860-267-7548

Fire Marshal    860-267-0088

Food Bank    860-365-5978

Housing Authority    860-267-8498

Human Resources   860-267-4468

Parks & Recreation    860-267-7300

East Hampton Police Department (non-emergency)   860-267-9544

Probate Court    860-295-6239

East Hampton Public Library    860-267-6621

Public Works   860-267-4747

Senior Center   860-267-4426

Town Clerk    860-267-2519

Town Manager .  860-267-4468

Water Pollution Control Authority   860-267-2536

Youth & Family/Social Services   860-267-7300



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