Fall History Festival

Sunday, October 6th from 12-3pm

This Years Fall History Festival will be Honoring The Bevin Bell Co. loacted in East Hampton, CT 

A Brief History of the Bevin Bell Co.

Bevin Brothers History

The History of the Bevin Bell Factory and of the US bell industry is nearly two centuries old.  Since the very early 1800s, the Bevin family has been crafting bells in the Town of East Hampton, CT also known as Belltown USA.  Bevin  makes most of the bells that the Salvation Army bell ringers use with their iconic kettles during the holiday season; it was a Bevin Gong Bell that opened and closed the NYSE for nearly seven decades; a Bevin Bell gave Clarence his wings in the iconic “It’s a Wonderful Life” movie;  Good Humor trucks ignited the taste buds of children growing up as they rang their Bevin Bells throughout the neighborhoods; and many a prize fight featuring legend Muhammad Ali was marked by the gong of a Bevin Bell.  Today, Bevin Brothers is the only one remaining Bell Manufacturer in the Town of East Hampton.  For more information visit.  


Stay Tuned for details concerning the Chatham Historical Society Fall History Festival Honoring the Bevin Bell Factory.