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Historic Photo Gallery of East Hampton
Walsh's Market in East Hampton Connecticut

Walsh’s Market at The North Store Four Corners

Originally, from left to right, First National Store, Walsh’s Market, Mike DeLorenzo’s Barber Shop and Thatcher’s Drug Store.  This is a later picture which was Universal Food Stores, Laundromat and Thatcher’s Drug Store.  The 2nd Floor was Bea’s Beauty Box, Attorney Howard Maxwell’s office and George Mack’s Barber Shop. East Hampton Pizza came later.

Palm’s Delicatessen in East Hampton, Connecticut

Palm’s Delicatessen

This was a grocery store and was located where Subway restaurant is now, and was the only store open in East Hampton on Sunday’s.  People used to flock to Palm’s Delicatessen after church to get groceries.

Belltown Diner in East Hampton Connecticut

Belltown Diner

Clint Cortney owned the Belltown Diner which was located where Classic Auto is now.  Dick Costa is the gentleman seen behind the cash register.

The Belltown dairy Bar & Ice Cream Shop

The Belltown Dairy Bar

The Orange Inn, aka, The Belltown Dairy Bar was located along RT 66. This building was portable and could be seen in many different spots along East High Street

A & N Motor Services  in East Hampton Connecticut

A & N Motor Services

Standing for this picture is Stan Knotek, Archie Cook and Roy Hallberg, SR. The A & N Service Station was located close to the Luthern Church in East Hampton. The Fred Gates House is seen in the background.

Oscar Nyman's Auto sales

Oscar Nyman’s Auto Sales

This service station was located where Rite Aid Drug Store is now. Oscar sold his business to Partyka Chevrolet. Later the service station station became Wiltsie

Main Street East Hampton Connecticut

Historic Main Street

A view of down town East Hampton looking northward with the Carrier Block building and Barton Hill Rd. on the left. This historic East Hampton Photo from the 1940s  was taken from the Air Line Railroad bridge that crossed over Main Street. Some of the more notable historic landmarks located in the center of the Belltown National Historic District include:  Hitchcock’s Pharmacy was as well as the Buckland and Barton General Store, the Post Office, Siebert’s Opera House,  Barton Drug Store, and Louis James’ Candy Kitchen.

Gong Bell Factory East Hampton, CT History

Gong Bell Factory

Established as a partnership in 1866 by H. H. Abbe, E. C. Barton, E. G. Cone and A. H. Conklin The Gong Bell Manufacturing Company began producing bells and toys in the Town of East Hampton, Connecticut.  Today The Gong Bell Mfg antique toys and bells are sought after by collectors around the world as the company was not in existence past the 1960s

East Hampton, CT Map Photo

Map of East Hampton

This Historic map of East Hampton, Connecticut was first published in 1880 by O.H. Bailey of Boston, MA. Oakley Hoops Bailey was one of the most prolific panoramic map publishers of the 19th century, and spent a majority of his life publishing beautiful hand drawn maps of American towns.

The map shows a bird’s eye view of East Hampton, CT as it looked at the end of the 19th century. Notable landmarks on the map include East Hampton Town Hall, George A. Strong’s Carriage Manufactury, H.E. Niles’ Coffin Trimmings, Pocotopaug Hotel, Lake Pocotopaug, and the East Hampton Bell Company.

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