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Caring for Old Photographs

Old Photos of East Hampton ,CT

When caring for old photographs, enviroment matters!  The ideal environment for photographs is a relatively dry, cool, and temperature-stable space. Your basement is likely too damp, which could cause your photos to stick together or become moldy. Avoid a hot attic, as heat can speed up the degradation of paper and ink. Choose a space that is room temperature or below, and a safe distance from radiators and vents, such as in a spare closet.

Use a Pencil 

East Hampton, CT Photos

Use a pencil (never use ballpoint pen) to mark the names, dates, and locations for each picture in the margins on the back of the photo.

To label a newer, slick-backed photo, use an archival felt-tipped pen. Even better, choose an enclosure that allows you to write labels on a page or card instead of directly onto the original print. Remember to allow the ink to dry before stacking your photos. It could smear or transfer.

paper or plastic

Photo Album Care

The two safest types of enclosures are photo albums (paper and plastic) and photo boxes.

All paper enclosures should be acid-free and lignin-free. If your storage space is humid, choose a paper enclosure as photos might stick to a plastic album. (Plastic enclosures should be made of uncoated polyester film, uncoated cellulose triacetate, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Do not use plastic to store negatives.) If you choose a photo box, make sure the photos lay flat and are not cramped for space.

Map of East Hampton Connecticut

Map of East Hampton,CT

This Historic map of East Hampton, Connecticut was first published in 1880 by O.H. Bailey of Boston, MA. Oakley Hoops Bailey was one of the most prolific panoramic map publishers of the 19th century, and spent a majority of his life publishing beautiful hand drawn maps of American towns.

The map shows a bird’s eye view of East Hampton, CT as it looked at the end of the 19th century. Notable landmarks on the map include East Hampton Town Hall, George A. Strong’s Carriage Manufactury, H.E. Niles’ Coffin Trimmings, Pocotopaug Hotel, Lake Pocotopaug, and the East Hampton Bell Company.

We are always looking for Old Pictures of East Hampton. If you have historic photographs of buildings, public events, or people in East Hampton, Cobalt, or Middle Haddam, please consider donating them to the Chatham Historical Society. We are particularly interested in photographs that can be identified as to time, place, buildings or people, or other subject matter.

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