Historic Homes

Here are a few of the many Historic Homes found in East Hampton and Middle Haddam CT

William Bevin

53 Barton Hill, East Hampton

William Barton

William Barton

25 Barton Hill, East Hampton

Ruth Higgins Home

Ruth Higgins

264 Hog Hill Rd, East Hampton 

Joseph Park House

Joseph Park

11 Summit St, East Hampton

James Wright Home

James Wright

34 North Main St

Deacon West Historic Home

Deacon West

34 East High St

Enoch Smith Home

Enoch Smith

Middle Haddam, CT 

Bill Overton Store

Bill-Overton Store

Middle Haddam, CT

Benjamin Stillman Home

Benjamin Stillman

164 Main St

Bailey Purple Home

Bailey Purple

31 South Main ST

Andrew Carrier Home

Andrew Carrier

1 Middletown Ave

Abner Stocking Home

Abner Stocking

277 Hog Hill Rd

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Comstock Bridge

Comstock Bridge

The Comstock Covered Bridge is located on 14 Bridge Street at the junction of Colchester and East Hampton crossing the Salmon River.

Airline Trail

AirLine Trail

The Old Air Line Trail in East Hampton Connecticut dates from the 1870s, and today draws walkers, horseback riders and bikers.

Lake Pocotopaug

Lake Pocotopaug

Lake Pocotopaug is a big part of East Hampton’s History and in recent times has become a popular resort area.

Chatham Historical Society Museum

The Chatham Historical Society

Established in 1963, The Chatham Historical Society is a private, not-for-profit organization with the purpose of preserving East Hampton’s HistoryWe believe that preserving historic places and events provides an essential link to our past, reminding us of who we are and where we came from.

Our Museum and School House located at 6 Bevin Blvd in The Town of East Hampton, CT. We are open to the public the first Sunday of each month from 2-4pm

Admission is always free. Donations are appreciated.

Welcome to the Official East Hampton, CT Historical Society Website. This site intends to provide information to the public about the Chatham Historical Society’s upcoming Calendar Events and Programs with the purpose of bringing together people interested in the History of Cobalt, Middle Haddam, and East Hampton, Connecticut.

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Chatham Historical Society
6 Bevin Blvd
East Hampton, CT 06424

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