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About Lake Pocotopaug

Lake Pocotopaug dominates the local landscape in East Hampton, CT. Consisting of an area 9 miles in circumference, Lake Pocotopaug is one of Connecticut’s largest inland bodies of water. Early in the 19th century, the development of waterfront cottages, hotels, and summer rentals began bringing tourism to East Hampton, CT. Development continued in the early part of the 20th century, with the expansion of hotels and casinos along the waterfront.


The name Pocotopaug reportedly comes from the local Wangunk Indian language meaning "lake with pierced islands" or "divided pond."  According to local legend, some time long before settlers came to the area, the native tribe felt that they were being cursed by The Great God Hobomoko.



The Legend of Lake Pocotopaug

Legend has it that a beautiful Indian maiden Princess Pocotopaug, or Namoenee, sacrificed herself by jumping to her death at Markham's Cove, in an effort to appease the Great God Hobomoko, promising to bring an end to the many drownings the Wangunk tribe had suffered. Another version of this legend tells of a great Indian chief who was forced to sacrifice his daughter to the waters to save his tribe from drowning. Although likely a fanciful tale, there have been no reported drownings in the lake for over 250 years.



Lake Pocotopaug Today

Today, Lake Pocotopaug in East Hampton is still a popular resort area surrounded by numerous homes. Most are year-round residences, although some summer cottages dot the shore. The lake is especially noted for two islands in its center (both of which have cabins), separated by a narrow, shallow strait. Lakeside attractions include: Sears Park Pavilion,   Boathouse, Boat launch, Swimming, Fishing, Picinic Tables, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball and even a playground for the kids.



Pocotopaug Island

Private island located on Lake Pocotopaug with five guest houses (cabins), each with 3 bedrooms, kitchen and living room, waterfront deck, and dock. Access by boat.

On a private island on Lake Pocotopaug, near Hartford and New Haven, you'll find five cozy lakefront guest houses - Deck House, Chalet, Bay House, A-frame, and Captain’s Cabin - which sit on the edges of the island, all within an easy stroll, yet distinctly private, from one another. The cabins have three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen area, water, electricity, and other amenities. Each has its own dock and at least one water front deck to enjoy the view. There are plenty of windows.

This Real Estate is a perfect location to hold a retreat, reunion or family group, combining the privacy and peacefulness of an island with facilities for groups both large and small. Local catering is available.

Call the number below or email for details.

Other amenities: coffee maker in room, parking, picnic area


Pricing: $150.00 per cabin per day, plus $50 for each person each day for each person beyond 2




Protecting Lake Pocotopaug

In recent years the lake has become a place of ecological study due to the large scale algae blooms that resulted in 2000. Tests have shown that longstanding shoreline development and fertilizer use are causing increasing issues. A town sanctioned Lake Commission and the Friends of Lake Pocotopaug are two organizations concentrating on improvement ideas.





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