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Sears Park, Pavilion and Performing Arts Gazebo

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East Hampton CT

Sears Park is the Town of East Hampton’s only municipal park and allows access to East Hampton Residents. Situated on Lake Pocotopaug the park was donated to the Town in 1910 by the Sears family. Between 1995 and 2005 the Town acquired the three adjacent properties to the north, expanding the park to approximately 3 acres. The Park is located at 68 North Main Street in East Hampton, CT

Rules and Regulations

Sears Park Rules and Regulations

Vehicle stickers must be adhered to the inside, on the driver’s side windshield. Boats and watercraft stickers must be placed on the right (starboard) side of the boat. Sears Park stickers are not transferrable. Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult. Please obey the 10 mph speed limit. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the park at any time 3 strikes and you are out rule: Anyone asked to leave Sears Park by park personnel because of inappropriate behavior or language or for breaking park rules, will receive a strike. If this occurs on 3 occasions will be permanently barred from the confines of Sears Park. Swimming is permitted in designated areas only. No swimming permitted in the boat launch area. Flotation devices of any kind are prohibited. This includes arm bands, rafts, and floats. Fishing is not allowed in the swim area. Please park in an orderly fashion to accommodate other vehicles and boat trailers. Owners are responsible for clean up of waste from their pets. All pets must be leashed and are not allowed on the beach or in the water.  Sears Park is a residents only park. 

Parking Stickers

Historic Car

Residents of East Hampton can pick up their Sears Park stickers at the Parks and Recreation Department, the East Hampton Public Library, and the East Hampton Police Department during regular business hours. Vehicle stickers are also available online through the town website, online stickers will be mailed daily and a $1 handling fee will be charged, you should receive them within 5 business days. The stickers will be available beginning on April 6, 2015. Bring your vehicle and boat registrations with you to get a sticker. Eligibility criteria is available on the Town’s Website Park attendants will be on duty in mid-May; Sears Park will then be open at 7:00AM and close at 8:30PM.

Pavillion Rental

Sears Park Pavilion Rentals

East Hampton residents can rent the Sears Park Pavilion for Special Events for full or half-day rentals. The fees are $75/half-day or $125/full day. All reservations require a security deposit of $125.


Sears Park patrons may use this shelter when it is not reserved. Reservations are posted daily on the small kiosk next to the shelter with the specific reservations for that day. There is no cost to reserve the shelter; however, a completed reservation form is required.

William O’Neill Performing Arts Gazebo

William O’Neill Performing Arts Gazebo

The Performing Arts Gazebo can be used for small family oriented performances and programs such as small musical performances, magic shows, plays, variety groups, etc. Music concerts are restricted to acoustic, instrumental or small jazz venues. Weddings and other special celebrations will be considered. Venues are lawn seating. The gazebo will not be used for loud bands and or concerts. The fees are $75 per day and a $25 additional fee is added on if electrical or stage lighting is required. All reservations also require a $125 security deposit.

For More Information Concerning Sears Park Contact The East Hampton Parks & Recreation

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