Camp Wopowog

East Hampton, CT

About Wopowog

Just over the Moodus border on the East Hampton, banks of the Salmon River State Forest. An early 20-Century booklet calls Wopowog “The Resort of a Thousand New Experiences,” claiming that “here every prospect pleases, and no one puts on style.”

Camp Wopowog was a rustic summer resort that accommodated 400 adult & children campers from the early 1900s to the early 1960s. Later it became Camp Halburn and Camp Ramah. In 1969 the state purchased it. The name Wopowog is derived from a Native American word that means “the crossing place” or “the land at the narrows.” Camp Wopowog contained Adirondack style cabins, tennis & hand ball courts, high-dive platforms, docks, and boats. In its cabins and tents, Wopowog featured athletics and the “healthful” countryside, “rich in wildwood charm.” The biggest selling point for Camp Wopowog was the Salmon River, just a few steps from the cabins.